Purposeful Shopping Gift Guide

The Christmas Season is full of family time, beautiful decorations, and Holiday cheer (amongst many other magical things!). But what it’s also full of is tireless, wasteful spending. The retail industry generates trillions of dollars just during the Holiday shopping season. Trillions of dollars that are spent on stuff we most likely don’t need.

 But if I’m honest, I love giving gifts (don’t you?)! Since it’s inevitable that we’re going to give & receive gifts for Christmas, what if we purchase gifts that matter?


You’ve most likely heard the terms fair trade, ethical, or sustainable fashion. Products made with these terms in mind serve a greater purpose such as paying a fair wage to an artisan/factory worker, or are environmentally-friendly. Plus, when you shop with these things in mind, you are most likely supporting a small business! In our case you not only support us as a small business, you support our artisans as well, many of whom have their own small business and are trying to support their families.


Here's how to shop with a purpose this season + below you'll find our 2017 Gift Guide to help you spend money that will make a difference!
Purchase from businesses that:
-create opportunities for others
-pay their workers fairly
-go above and beyond in how they treat those they work with
-have sustainably/ethically-made products
-give meaning and purpose to their products

2017 Gift Guide
Here's a look at some of our favorite brands that are making a difference with your dollars!

From left to right: 1. Storyweaver Mercantile / 2. Able / 3. Kazi Goods / 4. 31 Bits / 5. White Flag / 6. GAIA Empowered Women / 7. Go Rings / 8. The Giving Keys / 9. The Thrive Collective 

Happy purposeful shopping!

Amanda Muñoz