Paper Beads and Birthdays

Almost two years ago we launched The Thrive Collective (time flies!). I don't know about you, but birthday's can lead to some reminscing...


It all started with some paper beads. You see, one of the things Guatemala is known for is being "The Heart of the Mayan World." There is so much Mayan culture and history in Guatemala! But, the particular villages we began working in have zero Maya's. In fact, the entire Santa Rosa department is only 1 of 4 departments in Guatemala that does not have an indigenous Maya population. So what am I getting at?

When we started The Thrive Collective we knew we wanted to help women who had no opportunity. Unlike many indigenous Maya people, women in our area did not grow up learning how to weave and make intricate textiles. They grew up working in the fields with their families, and many women still do that today alongside their husbands. But as far as work- something they can bring to the table on their own- that's hard to come by. And that's where these beads came in. These beads, that make a simple, everyday bracelet are making a way for women to work, and work right from their homes! Our women who make the bracelets learned from scratch how to make paper beads- because that's how much we believe in creating opportunity.


Sandra is able to pay medical bills for her special needs daughter, Vilma is able to pay for kids schooling, and Dora and Aura are able to contribute to supporting their family of 7! That's real life transformation happening because of your purchases! Thank you!


We are so excited to celebrate our 2nd birthday is just a few days!! Be on the look out for a discount code (considerate it our virtual birthday party invitation ;)).
Remember, every purchase makes an impact! Thank for helping our artisans thrive these past 2 years!

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